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Urgent Care


Urgent care is treatment for conditions that require prompt attention, but do not pose an immediate, serious health problem.

If you feel that the condition that you are experiencing is a matter of “life and death”, then we recommend that you call 911 or be taken to the closest emergency room.

If you have an urgent condition which you feel needs immediate attention, please call the office and ask to speak with the Triage Nurse or Medical Assistant. You will be given an appointment or instructions to follow to take care of your needs.

If your condition is not a matter of “life and death” but you do not feel that it can wait too long, then we might be able to take care of your needs during “Walk -In Sick Hours (WISH)” which are from 11:00 -Noon and 4:00 — 5:30 PM every day.You do not need an appointment during this time but please remember that WISH hours are not for prescription refills, counseling or multiple medical problems.

The WISH hours are strictly for acute medical conditions that require prompt attention such as fevers, ear infections, cough, cold symptoms, sore throats, joint or muscle injuries, etc.

If you are not sure whether your condition needs immediate attention or not, please call the office and ask to speak with our nurse or medical assistant.


As our patient, you have the right to expect from us the following:

  1. Respect you for your morals;
  2. Answer your medical questions;
  3. Provide you with your medications in a timely manner;
  4. Provide you with needed follow up appointments and referrals.


  1. That you always respect our staff members;
  2. That you are responsible for your health;
  3. That you are sincere with us so that we can provide the best possible medical care.